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    Most people want to be in business, or they are thinking of been their own boss, which is a great thing to do.

    But many of those who wanna be in business of their own, they thing to be a business owner is a Sexy thing.
    They are not becoming a business owner to solve the problems in the community or on planet earth.

    The purpose of starting a business it should be bigger than the life style that you want, I always hear people say
    i wanna have my own business so i can have more time for vacation or i wanna spend more time with my family.

    To start a business is like having a baby, you are not going to have a free time at the initial stage of your business,

    At the first few years of your business, there is no time to play, all you have to be doing is to Hustle & Grinding,
    The is no other way around it if you want to make it in business world, or you will find yourself back to 9 to 5 job.

    All the nice life style that you see on business owners, they did work hard for it, it takes years to fly first classes & go to vacations all around the world.

    Keep your eyes on the prize, keep hustling, then you can have the life style you want.

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