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Discussion in 'Challenge Life' started by Blockade Runner, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Blockade Runner

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    Let me preface this with the fact that I NEVER watch TV. I haven't watched TV "at MY house" for 6 years. I only watch TV at friends' like for the Superbowl, etc, maybe, thrice a year. I'm looking to buy a wall-mounted TV for aesthetics, tooooo, fill out a wall in a room, instead of a picture.

    I've been visiting electronic stores for a couple of weeks. I bought a TV to be delivered and then canceled the order today. All these salespersons say different things about the same TV(s). I'm a little confused. Do you own a Plasma/LCD/LED/3D TV?? Did you get it "Calibrated?" for $300? to save the "life" of the TV?" Did you mount the TV yourself? or have them do it for yet, another $300. I have all the tools to do the job. I could get my neighbor bud to help if need be.

    I'm considering the new Panasonic 3D or the G-series 50" Plasma (half the $ of the 3D). Do you think that this economy will get so bad that 3D "as the norm" will be stopped dead in its tracks?

    I won't be buying cable either. This will mostly be for blueray.

    Do you have the latest and greatest?
  2. Wanderer

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    plasma have issues. no true black, the burn in, and they last about 10,000 hours.

    LCD do not have burn in, and last much longer.

    no idea on the 3D's

    I have LCD screens I wall mounted one myself. I honestly don't know why you'd get one calibrated, you can do it yourself
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    My GF just got us a 52" plasma, Panasonic. $675 I think, plus tax, at Fry's.

    She knew someone, an ex-neighbor who installs for a living. Told her he'd give a good deal. Good deal ended up being $275 which to me is normal retail, not a "deal". That was for mounting it on the wall, moving an outlet to behind the mount, running wires back thru wall to pantry (where components are now located), hooking everything back up, and programming the remote.

    We've only had the TV a coupla months. Really like it. The upgrade was from a 32" tube TV. Big difference.

    We're not all into home theater. To us, a picture is a picture pretty much. This one's a 720p. That you prefaced this all by pointing out how little you watch TV, I think you'd be best served to go lower end.
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    I have a 32" flat screen LCD in the RV, mounted it myself on an articulated mount. It has S-Video, HDMI, component, and VGA inputs so I can watch stuff directly from the laptop, DVD, VCR, or XBOX. Hooked it up to my Dolby 5.1 Surround System and the Cable and HDMI DVD player - Football Season in HD was AWESOME!!

    Installation and hook up took about 2 hours in total excluding the need to build a platform to mount to (I replaced a cabinet mounted 27" tube TV above the driver and passenger seats and had to fill in the cabinet space to get a vertical surface to mount to).

    I would not pay for 'calibration'.
  6. mleighp1

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    This seems really complicated for something that you are using as a decoration. Maybe you can buy a used tv and save some $$!
  7. PhilD

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    Yeah, I agree. A lower end one like the 720p should do the trick. Unless you want to get into blu-ray and HD and the like, then you would want to go a little higher end. Up to you, good luck.
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  9. Blockade Runner

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    Well, update. I bought the G125 Panasonic Plasma 1080p 50" TV on my day off from work today. I know it's kinda crazy, but time will tell. It took me 4 hours to put the stand/mount with glass shelves together. I was sold on not wall-mounting it because I don't like having to look up at the TV. I'm already thinking that I've mounted it too high.

    They tried to sell me the FullCal stereo surround system at $2600 o_O, I said maybe later. It's better than Bose they say. I guess this is my greatest sin of late, buying all this expensive stuff. It's like I can't stop pulling the trigger. I keep saying, "I'm almost done, then no more." $400 here $2000 there, $3000 here, it adds up. I have to have it all now, I don't know why. The comfortaire bed was the greatest purchase though. I dream all the time now. 750 thread Wamsutta sheets too. $179 trash can, what is my problem?
  10. PhilD

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    Congrats. Now do yourself a favor and get a Playstation 3. You get a really good blu-ray player, game console, and you can use it to stream unlimited movies directly from NetFlix for 9 dollars a month. One of the best entertainment additions you will make.
  11. Wanderer

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    just remember, do not pause or freeze frame on the plasma TV for any great length of time otherwise you will damage the screen.
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