How do you deal with trials and difficulties of life?

Discussion in 'Challenge Life' started by Saad Rashid, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Saad Rashid

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    We all go through ups and downs in life. We have a different way to deal with them as well.
    How do you cope up with such tests of life?
  2. 2hSKG

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    Hello Saad,

    With all problems that come my way, I always try to minimize one thing; complaining. I believe that complaining does no good and propagates negative emotions towards any trials I may be going through. With that said, whenever I experience a problem, I take mentally take a step back from the issue at hand and ask myself what the possible solutions are or can be. At that point I make strides towards solving that problem. Even the smallest step forward is progress. In the chance that a problem crosses my path where I cannot control the outcome nor is there a solution, I remind myself that it's out of my hands and accept the reality for what it is.
  3. Ayat siddiqui

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    The other meaning of life is also know as ups and downs. Life changes with the passage of time some times it become more comfortable and some time it become difficult. If you want to become successful then you face these challenges with positive behaviour. You take these challenges with bravely meeting with positive peoples then you face ups and downs of life.
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  4. Alina

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    Ohh for sure we do...i think life is build such ways, yin and yang , always 2 sides of the coins depends which one you flip.

    I came up with 2 methodologies to bounce back out of any problematic situation. and funny enough just took them out of the business life..
  5. LikeWater

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    I'm not really about skipping the steps of allowing myself to feel the emotions I have about certain challenges or obstacles I come across in life. I think that this topic is really important actually with all of the new age ideology about forgiveness and acceptance floating around. There is great value in it of course, but I'm afraid it goes a bit too far at times. I am a very emotional person and though I've had to learn to control it, I also know that emotion, (which can sometimes be very very strong,) needs to be allowed ample freedom in order to work itself out and to pass completely. Otherwise, we're holding on to too much. To me, it is ok to feel sad, enraged, depressed, or even hopeless at times as long as there is balance then found in the more logical means of figuring out where to go thereafter. Really feeling difficult emotions as they arise is a necessary step in healing as far as I'm concerned. So I make sure to let myself feel. Though the complexities of it are great, it's a first step that should not be avoided. To learn to harness it is an art in itself if you ask me.

    Next I remove myself from the core of the emotion and look at the problem from a more logical standpoint. That is to ask myself how did I arrive here, why DO I feel this way, and then of course what steps to take in order to start picking myself up and/or get past whatever it is that is in my way. This is just as important a step that I take when the clouds finally start to clear a bit. I can't solve anything with pure emotion after all. I'll need a plan of action that works.

    Outside of that basic formula, all the usual rules of wellness are important for me here. Surrounding myself with the right people, finding other sources of motivation/inspiration/and therapy that work for me. Working out, (which for me means wailing on the heavy bag and crafting general discipline,). Getting in touch with my center by getting out into nature... etc.

    I personally view myself as a warrior. As in, the closest you get in the metaphorical sense to "sword in hand to slay the dragon". I remind myself all the time that I am a fighter. That I am a warrior. That no one and nothing is going to take me down or keep me back without one hell of a fight. That helps me in my quest to destroy challenges and survive set backs if you will. I consider emotion to be my fuel and logic to be my tools in order to be successful in those endeavors. But that's just a formula that works for me and my personality. I suspect that not all of it applies to others.
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