How do you deal with trials and difficulties of life?

Discussion in 'Challenge Life' started by Saad Rashid, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Saad Rashid

    Saad Rashid New Member

    We all go through ups and downs in life. We have a different way to deal with them as well.
    How do you cope up with such tests of life?
  2. 2hSKG

    2hSKG Your future self will thank you for your work now

    Hello Saad,

    With all problems that come my way, I always try to minimize one thing; complaining. I believe that complaining does no good and propagates negative emotions towards any trials I may be going through. With that said, whenever I experience a problem, I take mentally take a step back from the issue at hand and ask myself what the possible solutions are or can be. At that point I make strides towards solving that problem. Even the smallest step forward is progress. In the chance that a problem crosses my path where I cannot control the outcome nor is there a solution, I remind myself that it's out of my hands and accept the reality for what it is.

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