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  1. Rebornfromash


    It’s so funny. The moment you decied to live a vegan life, is the moment your life will change. I used to love fatty foods and candy. I loved my pork. I loved my fast food. I loved it all. But now, everything has changed.

    Vegan life is changing me. It’s so crazy how my life has flipped. My body and thoughts have done and complete 180. I can’t even eat the foods I used. When I do, I feel the negative effects, almost instantly. Its so drainging to eat the way I used to. It makes it harder for me to control my thoughts. Not to mention, it makes me tired, and causes me to have more pain. I also drink distilled water only. Tap water and drinking water, also cause negative effects, that I can feel.

    What used to be a struggle to eat healthy, has turned into a struggle to eat unhealthy. I crave raw vegtables, fruits, nuts and even spices. They all make me feel incredible. The happiness is just spilling out. People that come to my Job, can even feel the difference. Its even easirler for me to connect.

    I have found a place, in me, that is unlike anything I have ever expericed. I have finally taken control of myself. I am in tune with my feelings. I am now able to feel and follow them, with more and more clarity, everyday. They lead me were I need to be, every time.

    The path to my freedom, was on a very lonely path. Alot of people struggle to take this path, for it is a truly lonely road. Who likes to be lonely. Nobody! But that’s where I found my flow.

    The world around us, is so loud. We have lost touch with our feelings. We interpet them wrong because we are not connected with them, and mostly are taught to avoid then all together. But now that I have silenced my mind and taken control of my thoughts, I can truly feel my feelings, like never before.

    It is such a beautiful feeling. It’s an over whelming love, that permeates ever fiber of my being. I am able to come up with ideas with easy, and write with passion. I follow my feelings more and more, everyday. And in doing so, I have found God. It is him, that I am feeling.

    I can’t deny it anymore. God has proven this to me. Time and time again, he shows me that, which I feel. He confirms what I am thinking, by showing me, that which I think.

    When I am feeling great, everything just lines up. The right people have been running into me, at the perfect time. Numbers that have great meaning to me, show up, all day long. Thinks that I think of, just show up.

    I feel like I am being shown, the truth of who we are. It is exceeding, abundantly and far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

    You can get to this place, but you have to let go of everything you know. You have to let go of tv, processed foods, soda, sugar, negative people, negative thoughts, complaining, excuses, hate, judgement, assumptions, reaching for what others have, and doubt. You have to believe that you worthy. You have to believe with all your being. You are worthy.

    100% worthy. 100% perfect 100% Loved

    You are worth it all. Stop thinking yourself into a hole and let go of everything that is out of your control.

    If you want to get out, look at yourself in a mirror. Put your foot down, and look directly into your eyes. Speak to yourzelf as if this was your last option. Speak to the child in you. Say this to yourself with firmness. Speak with desire, for change.

    “It is time to put all your crap aside. You are worth it. You are loved. Stop being lazy and get your but into gear. You know you hate it here. Stop allowing life, to push you down. You are a child of God, and you have the power to do anything you put your mind too. You are perfectly made. Mistakes and all. Its time to get up and move.”

    You will move when you make it your last option. Speak life into yourself. God is waiting for you there.

    God Bless you. May God guide you with Love and compassion.

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