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  1. BrandonB

    BrandonB New Member

    I've recently been diagnosed with a auto-immune disorder & wanted to know if it's even possible to pursue business. My main down side is fatigue & brain fog. What, if any, or ways to get around this? I haven't been able to find work & I left my labor job. (Which really payed well, and it killed me inside to leave it).
  2. BrandonB

    BrandonB New Member

    Wow, Yeah that's stressful. I've experimented with nootropics before to try an speed up brain function. I've heard of Modafinil compared to the limitless pill, but never tried it. You ever try those?
  3. Joanne1216

    Joanne1216 Well-Known Member

    Hi BrandonB, my daughter and I have both been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder (of course they haven't determined yet which autoimmune disease it is just yet) What has helped us immensely is giving up gluten. It's not so bad being gluten free.
  4. Walley

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    Hey. It's not cool to be sick. I recently underwent examination in a private clinic, I often have severe headaches due to the fact that I had a broken nose. I turned to a good doctor, with modern equipment, such as this . He helped me solve my problem, he prescribed me pills, which I take, if only a migraine begins. I also go through treatment with procedures. Perhaps another doctor will be able to prescribe you more effective treatment.

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