'Religion' vs. 'Spirituality'.

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Philosophy' started by Corinne Friesen, Dec 22, 2008.

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    After looking around at religions, and after deeply looking at what i was brought up to believe, Catholic/Christian views, I have come to the conclusion as of now that spirituality best suits me.

    There are a few ways you can determine spirituality, one in the way of religion and the church or the spirituality of your soul/'spirit'.

    I have a strong belief that there is a higher power, God, but i dunno how I see him. As the universe, as a person, but none the less nobody knows what God looks like. I dont see this god as judging and one to be scared of but instead that he loves everyone and will help you if you ask. We should be kind and respectable for others, even if it may be hard at times but this is the good thing to do..what God wants. I think everyone should live their life to the fullest and not be restrained of religious 'values' and make most of their time here while it lasts.

    I have always been interested in the 'higher powers', whats out there and so on and things keep coming to me. I thought that jesus and god was the only and the ultimate way when i was younger..I have since then questioned and I even remember in prayers asking for God to really show himself and ask if it was all real. Slowly things started to come to me, bit by bit. I didnt go out to start studying everything about religions and spirituality..but things just came to me. Ill find out about one thing, then the next part will slowly come to me. I've met an amazing spiritual friend who is the same age as me who has helped me understand alot of things.
    From my experiences, i know there is a higher power out there. It can't just be a massive conincedence. Life is good, better now with the knowledge and peace of mind i have then ever before.
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    Nice trick, David. But I am strong enough to take it. :D

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    He he he.....nice catch. Smart girl.

    David = ------->:lildevil:
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    Spirituality. It's more of an individual-orientated concept. It doesn't involve having to conform to the rules of a religion as a bargain for an afterlife or other bribe. And it has more room for thinking for yourself.
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    I like you!
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    Me too, I always wondering what is the difference between the two, I just only know that they are connected to each other :) Religion is for our Spiritual Life, is it right? Just for my own opinion :)
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    As I have come to understand it; the word "religion" comes from "religare" which means "to tie again". I understand that religion is a path that leads us to tie ourselves back to the divinity. Spirituality is the result within us of walking that path.
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    Religion is mankind's defined and controlled process of interpreting an opinion, and from that, telling what God is.

    Spirituality is ones experience and expression of God.
  10. Religion or Spirituality

    Both are related to God and people have faith on both of them..but to being religious people become spiritual..It defines the relationship between world and God.
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    Religion and spirituality are intertwined but quite different. ... However, as it is understood today, spirituality gives the individual autonomy over his or her interpretation of the soul or spirit, whereas religion implies participation in a communal practice and interpretation of divine belief and worship.

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