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    When grew up, at my home they use to tell us, my father & my mother, i don't have money, don't ask me about money again, rich people bad people, and so on and on ,and i started to believe what they told me about money & how bad it is.
    I grew up loving to have money from early age, and my mom one day she told me, Son! if you like money like this you will go to hell, because money is the root of all evil, and you will start to still from people like most of these rich people.

    But as i grow , i stated to see the opposite, that money is good, it can do all good things if is been used in a right way.
    The money topic it should be a general topic, in our society . lets teach the children about the good thing that money can buy, life Health and many more thins.
  2. 2hSKG

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    I completely agree with you, Tendani! We NEED to start talking about money. Money management, basic tax information, basic budgeting and thought processes to making wiser fiscal choices need to be ingrained upon our kids. Personally, I think it should be taught in school, probably around the high school/secondary school level. It's not something someone needs to figure out whenever they become an adult, because basic money management takes some time to implement and skills to build.
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  3. john_268

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    Agree with you 100%. Money is a thing we should talking about.
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    I recently invested money in my brother's business. He opened the printing. Now I try to understand what part of the work I can do. My brother completely took control of himself, so I want to do advertising and find more customers. Do you think placing ads on bulletin boards, such as these , are effective? Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does. Therefore, I want to make a good advertisement of our business. Any tips?

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