Twelve months of 30 day challenges!

Discussion in 'Challenge Life' started by DonDoes30, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. DonDoes30

    DonDoes30 New Member

    I turn 30 years old today ("Happy Birthday!", Thank you), and decided to take on a different 30 day challenge each month this year. I started my blog to reach out to everyone on the web to help me decide what challenges I do:

    That way I know what people would be interested in reading about as I update daily on the blog. I would love some thoughts, feedback and especially CHALLENGE IDEAS!
  2. Rico_Suave

    Rico_Suave Member

    Sounds exciting Don! Happy birthday. I will be following along watching your journey!
  3. DonDoes30

    DonDoes30 New Member

    To learn, experience, and try new things. But also challenge myself to adapt when giving up something. Some examples provided were to do polyphasic sleep for 30 days. Or be a vegetarian for 30 days. Or read the Bible in 30 days. Or give up products that have sugar added. Or give up my smartphone for 30 days. Live on minimum wage for 30 days.

    Really I want to break up the daily monotony we all experience, and use the time to improve my outlook and resourcefulness to grow as a person.
  4. KristieCav

    KristieCav New Member

    Wow thats so great Don! Happy birthday :) Good luck with your challenges! I would love to do one with you!
  5. DonDoes30

    DonDoes30 New Member

    Thanks! Feel free to join in on the fun. First challenge starts November 1st.
  6. successvibe

    successvibe Administrator Staff Member

    I could probably come up with some for you, but without knowing more about you it's hard to recommend anything.

    You could learn to program
    you could learn to draw people's faces
    you could come up with a problem and try to solve it
    You could learn how to repair cars, or law mowers, or Televisions

    I'm not sure that any of those things will benefit you and your ongoing success
  7. JoeBrown

    JoeBrown New Member

    Hi Don, nice idea! I'm new her too, you've got my first post in fact! :)

    What kind of challenges do you plan to take on? The random challenges such as the ones you said like reading the bible or giving up products that include added sugar, or challenges of learning and broadening your knowledge such as the one's successvibe said like learning to program, and learning to fix things? Or a mixture of both I guess?

    Good luck, sounds like you could be having an interesting year!
  8. DonDoes30

    DonDoes30 New Member

    Thanks successvibe! I like the taking on a problem and solving it. And learning to repair stuff.

    JoeBrown - Right now my first challenge is No smartphone, Internet, or TV for 30 days. Before you think I'm breaking the rules being on here, I have to make exceptions to update and promote my blog so this doesn't count against me. But pretty much everything else is off limits. You can check out the official rules at
  9. shohrat shankar

    shohrat shankar Life Empowerment Coach and Facilitator

    after 4 years? are you still doing it!

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