1. Bhautik Andhariya

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    Only YOU are the creator of YOUR destiny.

    Your work lead you to your destiny.
    People says destiny is written by god
    But no you are the writer of your future
    Sometime you put efforts to make your future safe, but you are forgetting that you are spoling your present

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  2. srirama123

    srirama123 Business Motivational Speakers in India

    Nice information Bhautik Andhariya
    Finding a Win-Win Solution
    When in Recession or in bad times or when a child in your home would come up with a “C” grade in his Exams, you would not forsake your child as a means of addressing the Bad times. You would coach the child and nurture the child.

  3. TheCreator

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    thanks for informative post!!
  4. srirama123

    srirama123 Business Motivational Speakers in India

    You are Welcome.
    Work can be mundane. It is your passion that makes the difference
    When we think what is needed to be successful in life and in our work, we usually think about characteristics like value, talent, ambition, intellect, discipline, persistence and luck. What many of us often fail to include in this recipe of success is passion. The passion we have, or we don't have. Sometimes this ingredient could make the biggest difference for the whole dish.

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