How do you keep yourself motivated?

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  1. Pitcheyani

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    I wake up everyday with a simple goal step to take in order to get to my end accomplishment.
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  2. Oliver Diggle

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    I like to create the best habits possible for myself.
  3. Veronica Hudson

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    Disabled Yet creative web designer Ryan Hudson Peralta (2).jpg

    I get motivated by Rayn Hudson Peralta, Without a doubt. He is a well-known web designer plus motivational speaker. But here is the twist, he has no hands. Yep!!! even without hands he has made a successful career out of doing what he loves. When he was born his father left him because of his disability but with the support of his mother he now inspires other to become what they want.
  4. Most have touched on this that I have read so far. Motivation is temporary, it will eventually fade and you will be back to square one of finding something else to motivate you. You have to find your purpose, your "Why" and what you really want out of life. When your "Why" is strong and your purpose it bigger than you that is when you tap into another gear and motivation is no longer needed. Those things are whats going to help you get up every morning and not hit the snooze button. Those things are whats going to help you push through all adversity that you are going to face on your journey. It takes some deep self evaluation though to truly find out what those things are but once you find it, now your focus shifts to what it is you want and at that point you spend every waking moment of your life going after it.

    As far as for me, what drives me to do what I do everyday is my kids, wife and truly wanting to help others. When I use to teach at my local community college it was great to help someone understand something they had no knowledge on and seeing the light bulb go off in there head. Now I try to help the light bulb go off for them in life. Helping them find out what their true gift is and sharing that gift to others so those who are struggling can also be put in the best position to succeed. Straight Up
  5. rashmi

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    Vivekananda, Sachin Tendulkar, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and more; each had their share of rough and testing time. Embracing yourself in the toughest hour is a Winning Trait.

    Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently”

    Most, including me, have been continuously clinging on different external sources to be certain about my “Uniqueness“. Muddling divinity to gratifying senses, stocking brands to giving away charity; all to ignite the internal spark and suffice a twisted perspective.

    A constant quest for peace with the disposition. Visuals may appear delightful; the loudest noise of the party or brightest mind in a meeting. Finding kick in booze or instant gratification with food. Playing professional, parent; befitting socially norms; JUST ANYTHING, TO BE IN THE GAME.

    We have an advice, opinion and empathy ready for any person or situation. Yet self-yearnings sound meek and unimpressive to get attention. Our head gauges every possibility of risk for a situation but seems rather callous about real self-awareness. Our belief and understanding about ourselves are limited and outdated.

    Our identity is no more drawn by self-belief, knowing capabilities or finding an outcome (purpose) of life, but thru others judgment and popular beliefs. Our IDENTITY blurs over the period of time and we willingly succumb to the social, professional and personal course.

    “Virtually everything we do is to make you feel happy” – Anthony Robbin

    As soon we are aware of our surroundings, our mind starts keying-in information that makes OUR reality. The internal representation formed by personal experiences, cultural background, society, role models, time and many others filters. We easily connect to information that inspires or aspire. The transition from Reception (through five senses) to Perception (as stored in mind) is crucial to decoding the quality of life we would attain.

    This subjective experience makes us UNIQUE in every way.

    We unconsciously model habit, beliefs, values or state (of mind) with the perception. Some may facilitate the purpose of life, yet few, pull us back. We are TRAPPED in our own perception. Consistent belief forms our pattern of action, sub consciously triggering the same action for same belief.

    Anxiety, poor self-image, lack of vision, phobias and illness; poor relationships, no (low) success benchmarks, addictions are few example of wrong illustration of ourselves in mind.

    Let’s find a way to match with our inner-self, such that, it aligns our action to achieve desired goals, have a great relationship with ourselves and around; create a belief system that serves all our future endeavors and contributes to minimizing the mental chaos. You have no control on external events, but just a little tweak in internal perception, belief and understanding opens avenues to approach opportunities or experience with best ‘state of mind’.

    You can check full article on
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  6. Deztinee

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    I stay motivated by listening to motivational speakers such as Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc. I love listening to motivational videos on YouTube also. When I'm discouraged, I listen to a person in that field and see what he/she did to keep motivated.
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  7. thew1seone

    thew1seone New Member

    My favourite things sometimes, is to gain to start by gaining confidence in myself again.

    I feel like the line between motivation and drive lies between being hungry towards your goal vs having faith that you can get there.
    So when I get de-motivated. i go and FIND my confidence by doing things that I'm good at, and then I use that momentum from that higher state feeling to carry it to my next task.

    Thanks, for the question, because its such a basic question but its such a good question and it really got me thinking.
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  8. Jie-Fei

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    You can watch this video, I found it very helpful. It’s Mel Robbins talking about why motivation is garbage on Impact Theory.

    You can also register Mel Robbins’s LIVE + FREE workshop on September 12, 12-2 PM EST. To learn how you can trick your brain by turning your fears into opportunities for awesomeness. The live workshop is called “The confidence crash course.” You can get a free ebook and watch the replay after!

    Sign up for The confidence crash course
  9. shohrat shankar

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    Read books!
    and take motivation from real life experiences!
  10. Veronica Hudson

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    Whenever I feel down or like there is nothing worse that can happen to me, I read inspirational real-life stories. Because these people have gone through the toughest time than anyone. Recently I have read a story about the first transgender judge in India, who has faced psychologically abused day by day but didn't stop from achieving her goals. It is a very inspirational story.
  11. srirama123

    srirama123 Business Motivational Speakers in India

    There are some points I mentioned below to keep yourself motivated such as
    Write down why you want it
    Keep a running list of what makes you smile
    Start small.
    Look your excuses in the eye etc
  12. Walley

    Walley New Member

    It's usually difficult for me to stay motivated to get things done. I often am inconsiderate and when I make a mistake, I usually don't want to continue. It was bad in school, but it's completely unacceptable in the work. For a while, I even took pills to improve my cognitive abilities, for example . But I could not get rid of this problem completely.
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  13. srirama123

    srirama123 Business Motivational Speakers in India

    Thank you for solved my problem
  14. Shawn beekman

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    Staying motivated is only a problem when you haven't properly aligned yourself with a passion large enough that you feel responsible for telling the world about it.
  15. srirama123

    srirama123 Business Motivational Speakers in India


    The principle of Creativity emanates from the destruction of something else. When the Shell breaks, the seed emanates. When the chick is born, the egg is broken. When the calypso cracks, the bud springs out.
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  16. Shawn beekman

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  17. kenp10

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    I was reading "6 tips to motivate yourself to study." and I like this one:

    a. First remember your goal, for example, “I want admission in a particular college.’

    b. Next, just remind yourself how many people have the same goal, like there may be 10000 people who want admission in that same college.

    c. Now, ask yourself, “What am I doing different or Am I working hard to be no. 1 among these 10000 people? What am I doing to deserve that goal? etc.”

    This will make you push your limit. If you follow it on regular basis then you can definitely motivate yourself to study and see a positive change.

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