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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mrnace, May 15, 2017.

  1. Mrnace

    Mrnace New Member

    Hey everyone!!! I haven't been on here sooo long and thought i would re introduce myself as things have changed.

    I used to write a self imrprovement blog called Become The Monster and was very much into my self help stuff.

    But I hit a wall, I was suffering from superman syndrome and trying to do anything and everything to be successful on my own and ended up losing my job due to depression, anxiety and stress.

    I am unemployed, have no money and frustated isnt the word. Even the little things annoy me right now.

    Yet, I am here, with a sense of purpose to get a job, to have some kind of stability and happiness in my life again where I can take that next step in my lifes goals and work every day on the things that matter and eventually create the life I deserve.

    But I need your help, your support, your encouragement. I need this website and the like minded people in this forum to be my Mastermind and to bring me ideas, motivation to get to where I need to be.

    And believe me when I tell you that I will pay it back or forward, the help you give me. You will not go unrewarded or forgotten.


  2. 2hSKG

    2hSKG Your future self will thank you for your work now

    Welcome, Nathan!

    I am a new member as well.

    First, I applaud you accepting and understanding what you believe is wrong with your life. To that point, you did not make any excuses.

    Secondly, you're driven to make a change. That's invaluable and stronger than any piece of knowledge or skill. You cannot teach drive and ambition. The greatest and most successful people were driven by a deep motivation. Some motivation surrounded survival, some progress, and other motivations around innovation.

    Keep at it, Nathan! Focus on the process, celebrate the progress, and stay consistent!

    Good luck,
  3. MainlyMotivation

    MainlyMotivation New Member

    Welcome enjoy your time here =)
  4. Success Forever

    Success Forever New Member

    Hey Nathan.

    Sounds like you suffered from burnout and I have experienced the same thing myself.

    I am actually happy for you Nathan as from experiencing burnout you have realised the outer edges of your limits and you will now be able to push yourself even further.

    Investing in your mind body and soul is the greatest gift you can give yourself and I know you are doing that right now because you love self-help.

    Remember that life moves in cycles and you will have up cycles and down cycles, the up cycles may bring you the greatest enjoyment but the down times will give you the greatest lessons.

    The light is reserved for those willing to walk through the dark.

    I trust you will surmount all of the troubles you currently face because I can already tell you have the strength within you.

    I wish you Success Forever!

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