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    Hey everyone!!! I haven't been on here sooo long and thought i would re introduce myself as things have changed.

    I used to write a self imrprovement blog called Become The Monster and was very much into my self help stuff.

    But I hit a wall, I was suffering from superman syndrome and trying to do anything and everything to be successful on my own and ended up losing my job due to depression, anxiety and stress.

    I am unemployed, have no money and frustated isnt the word. Even the little things annoy me right now.

    Yet, I am here, with a sense of purpose to get a job, to have some kind of stability and happiness in my life again where I can take that next step in my lifes goals and work every day on the things that matter and eventually create the life I deserve.

    But I need your help, your support, your encouragement. I need this website and the like minded people in this forum to be my Mastermind and to bring me ideas, motivation to get to where I need to be.

    And believe me when I tell you that I will pay it back or forward, the help you give me. You will not go unrewarded or forgotten.



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