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    I'm not sure where to begin, I have several different issues. I have tried therapy, writing, and I always seem to take three steps forward, one back. My whole life I have been insecure and negative. I can't seem to change my mindset. I don't like the person I am, feel like a waste of space. I suffer from depression. I have no drive, no ambition, no motivation. Kind of like I'm just waiting to die. I know that may seem a little extra. I want to be happy in my own skin, I want to be proud of myself, and have other people be proud of me. I'm lazy and have several bad habits. I really don't have any support, or many friends. I'm hoping with these forums some of you can relate, help motivate me, help me think positive thoughts, help me keep going to achieve even the smallest goals. I hope all of you are achieving greatness and success. Thank you for your time.

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    Hey Chandra.

    You sound as if you have lost your way a little bit and are struggling to find your purpose!

    We all need to find our purpose and passion in life and when you find that, you will find that you have a reason to jump out of bed in the morning and experience your life to the fullest and begin to feel fulfilled.

    Chandra, you already have the power to get yourself up and go, you just need to unlock it.

    Remember that your thoughts are not you, but frequencies that you are connecting with at any given moment. meditation will help with this, just sitting in a comfortable position and breathing deeply and rhythmically and watching the thoughts pass across the front of your mind like a cinema screen, don't attach to the thoughts or get carried away with them just watch them.

    I hope this helped.

    But I know you have what it takes.

    I wish you Success Forever!
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    Hi there,

    Your thoughts are everything. If your thinking negative thoughts, negativity is what you will attract in your life. It's called the law of attraction. If you're not happy with your life then start changing the way you think about yourself. You were made in the image and likeliness of God. You have tremendous potential and we were all made special with unique talents.

    Right now you have limited beliefs about yourself therefore beliefs are attracting things that you don't necessarily want in life. Where you currently are in life is just temporary. To get yourself out of this way of thinking take a few minutes out of each day and close your eyes for several minutes with meditation zen music playing in the background. Lock yourself in a quiet place and dream where and how you want your life to be. Hold this picture in your mind.

    And when you open your eyes be thankful and grateful for what you do have.

    I suggest you also start reading success self help books as well. I was once where you currently are until I realized that matter what my situation was my life still had tons of value. A great book to start with is Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This open me up to a new way of thinking. I wish you the best in life because you deserve it.

    Always remember someone will always be worst off than you are and wish that they had your life. Be grateful
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    Hello brother,
    You said yourself, you don't like the person who are you, then why are you asking other persons to like you. Hows this possible ?
    First start liking yourself, not mean be selfish , but start love yourself.

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