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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Jag Singh, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Jag Singh

    Jag Singh New Member

    We must respect and appreciate our partners at all times, especially for the small things they do for us day in, day out. Afterall, it's the small things that make the big difference. Compliments are also a major powerful tool to make that one person we love feel special and wanted.
  2. john_268

    john_268 New Member

    Respect your partner, say her compliments and always show her that she is your number one! This is my recipe)
  3. Alina

    Alina New Member

    Hey Jan Singh I agree with you about respect and appreciation but I have discovered it is much more than that ..I came up with 7 skills to be developed to have meaningful relations in life weather is your partner or friend.
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  4. Ayat siddiqui

    Ayat siddiqui New Member

    My point of view is that in every type of relationship you must respect your partner. Always trust him. Give him better compliments.
    Don't cheat him.
    These are the best points for a successful relationships.
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  5. shohrat shankar

    shohrat shankar Life Empowerment Coach and Facilitator

    Faith in each other!
  6. Walley

    Walley New Member

    I think that for successful relationships you have to work a lot with your partner.
  7. Bhautik Andhariya

    Bhautik Andhariya New Member

    Yes those small efforts are much important than anything else. And that efforts makes the relationship beautiful..

    Bhautik Andhariya
  8. Walley

    Walley New Member

    I think that in order to have a successful relationship you need to work hard on yourself, find compromises with your partner and do not forget that routine destroys the relationship. We with the partner went to the psychotherapist and he advised us to take a little distraction from the career, children and home troubles. We plan to arrange a holiday for St. Valentine's Day. I already found good tickets to Rome. I believe that this city is simply saturated with love, romance and passion. This is exactly what we lack in the relationship at the moment.
  9. Archana Singh

    Archana Singh New Member

    Giving priority is one of the most important way to make successful relationship. Your other half will be always longing for your time not your precious gifts, your care, your true love.
    The way of expressing love also matters. There are number of ways you can express your true feelings but writing him/her some beautiful quotes can also do the trick for you.
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  10. VictoriaClaassen

    VictoriaClaassen New Member

    Trust is the main root of successful relationship.
  11. Sunshine Mcbright

    Sunshine Mcbright New Member

    Love, Trust and Respect is the foundation of good relationship. We must also appreciate our partner and resolve any issues for the day if any. Never sleep without talking about the problem, learn to listen and accept mistakes and learn to apologize. For more readings on how to have a lasting relationship kindly check this out:

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